Western Bid in English

Western Bid was found in 2001 and since provides various services, tools and e-commerce solutions to foreign online retailers.

We work with more than hundred qualified and verified vendors an suppliers around the world, and most products are shipped directly from vendor’s warehouses to your door. Our mission is to connect sellers and buyers around the world and to ensure the security of online purchasing.

Western Bid offers 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase and processes returns at our facility in Miami, United States of America.

Working as a commission-based trading assistant Western Bid provides the following services: product advertising, customer support call center, dispute resolution, return product processing and web listing design. Western Bid offers to its clients a very competitive shipping rates for domestic and overseas product delivery.

Western Bid’s legal documents:

Western Bid User Agreement
Western Bid Privacy Statement
Western Bid Shipping and Handling Policy
Western Bid Product Return Policy
Western Bid Prohibited Product List
Western Bid Fraud and Corruption Response Policy

Disclaimer: Western Bid, Inc. and Western Bid Europe are two different companies.

Rates and Fees:

Rates and Fees are applicable to Western Bid clients only, third parties do not pay any fees to Western Bid.

Contact us:

Our phone number: 1-305-307-0382
Our email: sales@westernbid.com

Our address:

Western Bid, Inc.
3500 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Pembroke Park, FL, 33023

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